Partner Spotlight: Adirondack Foundation
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The Adirondack Foundation was founded in 1997 and serves to strengthen the community through philanthropy. This organization collects donations, then pools the funds together for investment. The income is then repurposed through grants, which are then distributed to nonprofit organizations within the community. The Adirondack Foundation also hosts one of the best and most affordable professional development workshop series in the country. For more information, click here!

Linda Carela
Partner Spotlight: The Charles R. Wood Foundation

Founded in 1978, the Charles R. Wood Foundation has worked tirelessly to provide assistance to various areas of special need in the Adirondack Region. They support many not-for-profit organizations which focus on the needs of children, arts and healthcare. The Charles R. Wood Foundation has provided funding for free Imagination Library books for 6,322 children in Clinton, Essex, Franklin and Hamilton County since the start of this program in 2013.

For more information on this fantastic organization, click here.

Linda Carela